If hundreds of us run on 100% clean energy, we can beat back Trump’s fossil fueled agenda.

We’ve lobbied. We’ve organized. We’ve protested. Now, we run for office.

Sign the Pledge to Run For Climate: "I will run for climate on a platform of 100% clean energy and no new fossil fuels, and will reject dirty fossil fuel money from polluting our democracy!"

We need you to run for office on a bold vision for climate action and 100% clean energy. Yes, you.

Trump has stacked his cabinet with fossil fuel billionaires and Wall Street execs, and they’re working to rollback all the progress we’ve made on climate change. Their greed and bigotry is literally threatening our survival, and we must outright reject it.

The only way to protect our children and the places we love is by keeping fossilf fuelds in the ground, and courageously leading towards 100$ clean energy.

The climate crisis is here. And it requires new leadership. This means new leaders on city councils, county commissions and state legislatures with the courage to do things differently. We need to you run on climate with an agenda that prioritizes people over profits. Instead of subsidizing big oil, we must invest in wind turbines on farms, solar on our roofs, and schools and homes that use less energy. We can create good, local jobs, and stronger communities.

We’re building a team of hundreds of candidates who will fight one of the most powerful industries on the planet to create a healthier and safer planet. We hope you’ll be one of them.

From superstorms like Hurricane Maria and Katrina to the devastating California wildfires, our lives and livelihoods are on the line. Right now, we’re paying for the fossil fuel billionaires' decades of recklessness.

For too long, fossil fuel lobbyists have employed politicians to greenlight their projects, protect their monopolies, and make them record profits. Every single one of their projects, from pipelines to gas plants, pollute our lungs, poison our family’s bodies, and fuel the climate crisis.

Since the 2016 election, ordinary people from across the country have been inspired to run for office. We’re part of the movement to create an America for all of us.

We can’t solve climate change without our government, at all levels, taking massive action. Yet, too many politicians have been bought-out or are unwilling to propose the solutions we need. We will replace corrupt politicians who sacrifice our health for their private perks. We will run on a vision to build new infrastructure and good jobs that our communities, cities, and states need for clean and affordable energy.

We're building a bench of climate champions with the courage and moral integrity to create a healthy planet and democracy for our children and grandchildren. RunforClimate.org supports candidates who sign the pledge by providing trainings, mentorship and opportunities for endorsements. You can read more about how we help below.

We the people will build a new energy economy that works for all. With the revolutionary spirit of America, we will create the good jobs and solutions we deserve.

Our goal is to help as many people committed to keeping fossil fuels in the ground and 100% clean energy prepared to run for office. Running for office requires technical expertise, and political consultants make millions of dollars trying to be paid for their knowledge. We’ll tell you what we know for free. We’ll invite you our in-person trainings and online webinars and connect you with training opportunities organized by other progressive organizations. To address the climate crisis, we need to scale and have thousands of climate champions elected across the country.

We’ll set up frequent conference calls or webinars with current and former elected climate champions. As we go toe-to-toe against one of the most powerful industries on the planet, our mentors will share advice, stories and encouragement. We hope you join our community of mentors after you win! Sign up to be a mentor.

Endorsements help build credibility for first time candidates and can lead to financial or staff support from national organizations and groups in your community. With thousands of elections in 2018, it’s tough to find and track all the incredible candidates running for down ballot seats. Environmental and climate organizations are looking to support incredible candidates, if you pledge to #RunForClimate, let us know.

Fossil fuel companies are eyeing communities across the country for their new fossil fuel projects. This might be your backyard, town, or city. If you’re thinking about running and pledge to #RunForClimate or nominate someone who is doing critical work in your community, we’ll get in touch with you, especially if you’re in the frontlines.

If you're not running for office yourself, there’s still an important role for you:

  1. Pledge to volunteer and support candidates to #RunOnClimate: it’s going to take a lot of us to ensure strong climate champions can beat back big oil money.
  2. Nominate a Candidate or District: we need strong climate champions to be running for office in hundreds of districts across the country where the fossil fuel industry is is proposing new dirty projects. Nominate someone and join the team to make sure we find the strongest candidates.

What does it mean to #RunForClimate?

We fight for 100% clean energy and no fossil fuel projects.

We support an agenda that supports people over profit.

We believe in people power and refuse fossil fuel money.

I am ready to #RunForClimate.

Sign up for our upcoming training webinars with leading environmental activists.

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Why The Climate Movement Needs to Run For Local Office
June 5th at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT

- Andres Soto, Communities for a Better Environment Action
- Jacqui Patterson, NAACP
- Dominic Frongillo, Elected Officials to Protect America

Click here to find out more and RSVP for the webinar

Running on Climate & Winning The Narrative Against The Fossil Fuel Industry
June 12th at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT

- Yong Jung Cho, Campaign Manager for Kaniela Ing
- Varshini from Sunrise
- Don Orange, Commissioner for Port of Vancouver

Click here to find out more and RSVP for the webinar

How To Run a Strong Enough Grassroots Campaign To Overcome Dirty Money
June 19th at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT
- Whit Jones, Lead Locally

Click here to find out more and RSVP for the webinar

Here's how to get involved:

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